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I recently bought a GTX 260 as a dedicated physx procesor, and it it working fine. Using the phsyx mod I have got it working in mafia 2 (which is a quality game by the way) along with my ati 5970.

The only minor problem is the gtx 260 fan speed will startup at 100% until I get into windows (and the drivers kick in). I'm not sure this is completely normal, as my old GTX 260 didn't do this. Its not a massive deal, but its pretty loud.

Is there anyway of slowing it down before windows? I had a look at Rivatuner, but it not suprisingly only seems to deal with fan speeds at a driver level. Its a gainward 260 by the way.

Nice one

i7 920 @ 3.8
asus p6td deluxe,
corsair 6GB RAM
asus 5970
gainward gtx 260
asus xonar sound card
corsair 750TX psu
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  1. I have a 8800GT that does the same thing and I believe it is normal since there is no fan control until the device drivers are loaded.
  2. Does the fan speed lower down when the drivers kick in? I think its normal. No drivers, no control... right? Even my HD4850, fan makes a lot more noise than normal when booting. After loading everything, it clams down.
  3. Yea, once the drivers kick in they slow down.

    I guess it makes sense...shy of a bios flash I imagine there is nothing that can be done.

    If its normal, i can live with it.

    The difference i noticed between the two GTX 260's i've owned was probably just a manufacturer difference (one gainward, one XFX), with different bios'.

    thanks for the clarification.
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