Can I mix different capacities modules and use them in triple channel?

I’m going to add some RAM to my PC. I have already 6GB DDR3 in 6 DIMMs (1GB/DIMM). Can I mix different capacities modules and still use them in triple channel? For example: 2 x 4GB in 2 DIMMs (channel 1) and 4 x 1GB in 4 DIMMs (channel 2 and 3)? Will it work in triple channel?

My current modules are Kingston KVR1333D3N9/1G CL 9 and I’m going to buy Kingston KVR1333D3N9/4G CL 9, so speeds, voltages and latencies are the same. My motherboard (MSI X58 Platinum) supports them booth.
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  1. In your motherboard manual, here what they tell us :
    In Three/ Dual-Channel mode, make sure that you install memory modules of the same type and density in different channel DIMM slots.

    Your motherboard website :

    Edit :

    I found another thing, it's not 100% sure it's going to work, bank 1 and bank 2 doesn't need to be the same capacity, some motherboard accept it.
    So, if you use in bank 1, 3x 4GB and in bank 2, 3x 1GB, this could work.

    What i found on this website :

    How should triple channel DDR3 based memory be installed?

    In order to take full advantage of a system running in triple channel mode, the memory modules should be installed or upgraded in sets of three identical modules (same speed and capacity). Modules need to be installed in the first bank and users must follow any specific requirements set by the motherboard manufacturer. The second set of three memory modules (if the motherboard allows it) should also be identical and installed in the same way. To help separate bank 1 from bank 2, motherboard manufacturers usually use different colours to identify different banks.

    The modules in bank 1 do not need to be of the same capacity as the modules installed in bank 2. However, if identical speeds or capacities are not installed within a single bank, the system will automatically revert to single channel or dual channel operation, regardless of module configuration.

    Finally, each motherboard manufacturer has its own rules that apply to memory module configuration. We strongly recommend that you follow any instructions provided by individual motherboard or platform manufacturers.
  2. So, I understand that capacities of all 3 channels need to be the same, but modules in 2 DIMMs which belongs to one channel not. And set of 3 x 4 GB and 3 x 1 GB might work in triple channel…
  3. In the blue, you set 3x 1GB and in the black, 3x 4GB
    Bank 0 = A0, B0, C0 = 4GB
    Bank 1 = A1, B1, C1 = 1GB
    Ch.------- 1---2----3
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