Sandy Bridge K Proc. messin with my mind

There must be something I'm missing here so please correct me. The K series SB CPU's have the better graphics core but the overclock can only happen on a P series board that needs a discrete graphics card and thereby shuts off the graphics core.

Assuming that most people who buy the K CPUs are planning on overclocking and probably have a discrete card... ummm... doesn't that mean that most of the better graphics cores (3000?) are basically wasted and the people who will use the graphics cores will most likely buy the non K (2000?) CPUs and therefore use the lesser cores.

I just need someone to explain this one to me cause logically it really makes no sense.
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  1. Yup, you got it covered there, but most people do not overclock, and for some people the stronger IGP will be why they buy the K series not for overclocking, so they end up boosting the sales of the more expensive K series units making them more money.

    Dont use logic or math, use economics of greedy people, then it makes sense.
  2. +1 that's exactly right you can use either the better graphics or the unlocked multiplier but not both.
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