ADATA 64gb "issue"

Just plugged up my ADATA SSD and turned my computer on. It said installing software, bla bla bla in the bottom corner and when I go to my computer it doesn't show up.

I plan on re-installing Windows 7 on it but is my computer really detecting it? Is it even getting power? How can I tell...
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  1. I have the SX900. Went into BIOS and couldn't find it. Begin to try and re-install Windows and it didn't detect it. Any software I need or??? Please help
  2. You mentioned the motherboard's System Bios.

    Did you remember to switch from IDE to AHCI mode in the System BIOS? SSD's require AHCI mode.

    While still in the System BIOS and after you switch from IDE to AHCI mode you should also choose the ssd as your primary boot drive.

    Save the BIOS configuration and continue with normal bootup.
  3. Okay so I tried changing it to AHCI mode and setting SSD as primary. Didn't work.
    Tried setting the CD drive as primary and boot from cd to re-install. Didn't work
    Tried booting from USB didn't work.

    You think you could tell me step-by-step instructions, or link me on a how to? I don't know what to do at this point.

    P.S. If I BIOS in AHCI mode I can't even get to my windows.
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    Here's what you do.

    1) unplug your hard drive.
    2) set your bios to boot from CD, and handle drives in ACHI mode.
    3) Install windows from the CD onto the SSD, formatting the SSD before you do so.
    4) Plug your hard drive back in after setting up windows and running windows update many times, back up the files, and format it.
  5. DarkSable, nothing seems to be working. I'm not trying to be a complicated little noob here, but this is annoying as ever.

    Tried booting from cd, SSD, flash drive, ect. and every single one says (not exact words) "please insert correct disk and press any key to continue"
  6. What is the brand and model of your motherboard?
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