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ok I am new at this thing and I need help. I installed my ssd with new fresh install from my hp recovery disk. I have windows xp. I then put my hdd back in so now I have c and d....... new ssd. and the old hdd has the old system on it still... I want to move soome of my files to the new ssd like my antivirus and aol to the new ssd. I know someone said something about changing the ide to something else...... I did not do this under the bios so do I need to start over. I need to move my program files from old hdd to new ssd but not sure how to do this without moving everythng. I did a clean install on the ssd so it would run better but when it boots up now I don't have the programs on my desktop that I need . It only shows what hp recovery disk had on it. I need to know about the bios and how to move programs I want moved to the new ssd.......... HELP........ thanks for any info......... If I need to start over that is fine I just need to know if I have to reformat the disk to start over or if I do not need to start over> thanks for any help.......... Rick
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    You can't just copy applications, you have to install them again.
  2. ok, so would my best solution be just to forget about the hdd drive and just install the ssd drive and forget the other?
  3. ss202sl said:
    You can't just copy applications, you have to install them again.

    ok so would my best bet would be just to reformat both drives and start over or just install the ssd and forget about the hdd?
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