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3 displays for gtx 480??

I have read all over that the gtx 480 and 470 cards only run up to 2 monitors.My question is --In Maximum PC Magazine they built a "dream machine" monster Pc using 3 HP 30in monitors.I wonder how they got the 3 monitors to work.
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  1. The 2010 "dream machine" consists of 3 GTX 480's.
  2. OvrClkr said:
    The 2010 "dream machine" consists of 3 GTX 480's.

    Right.and how do they run 3 displays .I thought at present time the max was 2 displays. I have the issue of Maximum PC in front of me and I dont recall seeing how they did it.
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    2 displays per card, that machine runs 3 480s, so you can go up to six displays.

    If the max was two displays there would be no Nvidia Surround.
  4. oh ok.good to know. So 2 displays per card.I just bought an additional 2 480's and have tri sli.Thank you for the help.
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