Asus P7P55 LX no monitor signal

I recently Built a New Computer -Yes i'm new to computer building- And it gets no video output whenever i use any cable. Here are my specs.
Case: Thermaltake Black Widow Soprano
Motherboard: Asus P7P55 LX
CPU: I7 870 boxed processor
DIMM: DDR3 Corsair High End Gaming Memory
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon Sapphire Hd 5670
PSU: Inland 600 Watt -ATX ILG-600
HDD: Sata 320gb Hard Drive
CD-Rom: HP DVD1260

Everything turns on and all fans run including the ones on my VideoCard and Casing. I have tried both of my pci-e slots for my graphics cards and still no dice. I have not tried to reset the Cmos. Please Help.
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  1. That sounds like it could be incompatible RAM, but of course it could be any number of other things too, like your video card bad or motherboard bad. It does happen. And resetting CMOS is not going to do any good if it is incompatible RAM.

    1) It helps to get QVL RAM when possible. Can you specify the exact model or part number of that Corsair RAM please? And is this RAM on the QVL from ASUS for this board? Being new at computer building can throw you some curve balls. Make sure your RAM is seated all the way in, and the clips are on. But don't force it- just be firm.

    2) Also make sure all the plugs from the power supply are in- like did you maybe forget to plug in the 12V connector to the CPU? Or how about the 20+4 pin? Are both those plugs in? Are the 6-pin and/or 8-pin connector(s) plugged into the video card from the power supply? Are your drive connectors properly seated and all the way in?

    3) What is the exact make and model of your monitor, and what kind of cable are you using to connect it with?

    Just some things to check before you go replacing anything...
  2. Yeah I Found out what was wrong with it. Motherboard was defective. Thank you though
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