Two computers no video Signal on both

Pretty long story guys so bear with me. A week ago my brother told me his build kept turning off unless he put it on it's side. Since I had that problem before I knew that it was the HSF that was wobbly. After fixing that I had a new problem. The computer wouldn't turn on. I had taken the mobo out to easily sink in the hsf. After an hour I finally fixed the problem.

I started up the computer and everything works fine all fans are spinning ram video card and CPU are properly connected, but I get a no video signal. I tried different ram sticks two monitors different dvi cables. I guessed that the video card might be dead so I bought a new one. I plugged in the new vide card and still no video signal.

Fast forward to yesterday when I decided to test his parts on my rig. Poking back at it this seems like a bad idea, but I decided to plug my rig with his mobo and his rig to my mobo. After testing his mobo it turned on and got a video signal so I ruled out the moo being dead. It turned off at the windows load screen but I thought that it was because they were new parts.When I tried my brothers rig on mine I got a bunch of error beeps.

I plugged everything back to it's own rig. The problem now is that both computers get no video signal now. Both computers had been working fine before I moved everything. I get no error beeps on start up just a no video signal on both rigs when previously I know my mobo gave error beeps 5 minutes before.

So know I'm sitting here with 2 broken builds hoping that I didn't make it worse. The specs for my build are
Xfx 4870
2.5 gigs ddr2 g skill

Asia p5b

Brothers rig
Gigabyte p35 ds3l
2 gigs patriot ddr2
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  1. Sorry posting from iPod and post got messed up. ASIs p5b is my mobo. Anyways I read the sticky on posting and no video signal and still didn't work. I tried breadboarding both builds but I get no error beeps so I can't tell what's wrong.
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