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I bought a Samsung 840 500GB SSD, got it all partitioned and loaded. I have a Dell 5110. When I went to replace the HDD, the YouTube video looked wicked complex, so I called the local PC repair store. They told me I needed to re install Windows and disable the paging file and some other heavy disk usage, because it would wear out the SSD and kill it.
Looks like the web info does suggest this. Samsung provides a 5 year warranty, much longer than I keep my laptops.
Is there are "real" concern that a straight imaged HDD to SSD for this laptop will not last longer than a couple of years. The SSD is partitioned with only 451 of the 500 configured.
any suggestions of what to do next? Proceed or send back the SSD.
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  1. I never disabled a thing on my 840 Pro SSD. I made sure it was on the right sata port, had Trim enabled and off I went. Never heard of anyone actually wearing out an SSD. You would think that would have happened by now. I say keep it.
  2. Dont want to appear rude... but how about RTFM?
    If I recall - their Magician software that accompanies their SSD's gives recommendtaions on how it should be set up in windows.

  3. Only defrag should be turned off, which is by default when doing a fresh install.
    Indexing can be disabled, which is not a good idea when using outlook and you want to search mails.
  4. Quickly looking at Magician on my 830

    Beyond Trim (which it has set active)
    it recommends
    - Super Fetch should be off
    - Defrag should be off
    - Ready boost should be off
    - Indexing should be off.

    You have an 840 - so it may differ.. but like I said... RTFM
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