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I've been having a problem with my graphic card.Some strange patterns, lights ,and colors appear randomly while I'm gaming. Also the shadows in the game start flickering.It usually happens when I'm playing MW2 or LFD2. When I'm not playing video games the video card works fine.

Btw, these are my PC's specs:

- Intel Core i7 @ 2.6 Ghz
- Patriot DDR3 6GB 1600
- Asus P6T Mobo
- thermaltake 850w PSU
- Windows 7 Ultimate

note: I have already updated to the latest drivers. Didn't work though...

I'll be waiting for your comments. thanks!
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  1. It could be heat related. A thorough cleaning of the heat sink and fan is recommended as first step.
  2. You might also try resetting nvcpl to default settings for compatibilities sake - but that does sound like a heat issue +1 rolli59
  3. It sounds like your video card is on its way out. Try this.
  4. hmmm... okay I'm going to try cleaning it and resetting nvidia's control panel...Hopefully it might work. Thanks for the help. I'll post the results later.
  5. katanadude said:
    It sounds like your video card is on its way out. Try this.

    :o I will have that as my LAST resort XD
  6. Well, I guess my video card is fried...tried all of the above with the exception of katanadude's option.
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