Budget Gaming Build(First timer!)

So after doing numerous upgrades for my Dell Dimension E521, I decided I wanted to take a step further and build my own PC. This computer will be for my brother who only really plays World of Warcraft. The target price is 600-650$ and im currently a hair over that.

So far this is what I have:
CPU/Mobo Combo:

Thoughts/Suggestions? Many thanks!
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  1. Thank you for the input! Id love to hear what others would suggest aswell!
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    Peeps aiming for that 60FPS mark for WOW should know it's more Green camp friendlier (my favorite low cost solution is the GTS 250) and a WOW rig can be slapped on very cheaply with the right juicy combos hehe


    OS $100

    $494AR in total
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  4. I think im going to go with batuchka's build with a minor change. Specifically the case and HDD.

    Case/PSU Combo:


    Any finale thoughts?

    Total: 613.91$(Before MIR's and Shipping)
  5. Thats a nice case so if u could afford it go for it ^^ Hdd not a bad price as well Cheers and happy shopping/building ^^
  6. Slow down on the case and get a better video card. IMO.
  7. Well, I know its a bit overkill on the case and the card is kind of mediocre. However, I know after I build this PC for my brother my mother will probably ask me to build one for her aswell. So I figured when this time comes my brother would have some extra cash to get a better GPU and I Could use the 450 in my mothers system.
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