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Okay so I'm building a new rig soon (1st timer) and I was originally going to get the i3 540 with a GTS 450. After some consideration I decided I want to get a combo of the AMD x2 260 and a Mobo to save a few bucks and be able to get the GTX 460. From what I can tell the 460 is noticeably better than 450 and I'm more interested in gaming. Now obviously the CPU is a considerable downsize in performance (from what I know?) so what I'm wondering would this CPU bottleneck the GTX 460?

TL;DR - What my real question is whether an intel i3 540 + GTS 450 be better (FPS wise in gaming) than AMD x2 220 + GTX 460, or other way around?

So what I'm wondering which would be better (FPS wise). I know some games are more CPU dependent (World of Warcraft) so just let me know either way..

Both builds cost just over 600 dollars, so there is no "cheaper" option I'm just wondering which would be better.
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  1. See answer in other thread.
  2. It will be a toss-up depending on which games you play. If you choose the i3, though, you will ultimately end up paying less money, as the AMD chip will be useless a lot sooner than the Intel one, compared to the GTS 450 and GTX 460.
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