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Best Value PC (Gaming + Numerous other tasks)

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October 16, 2010 6:08:35 PM

Hey guys. I have been talking to some very helpful and knowledgeable users here through pm's, but I'm still undecided because I'm not entirely sure what's going to take my dollar the furthest. Originally I was looking to build 2 gaming computers with a strict budget of 400$ and 600$ for father and I. Now however, I'm more concerned with building a computer out of components that will give me the most for my dollar rather than components that are cheap and effective under a certain budget. So I'm looking for components that will last longer, have upgrade potential, perform better, but are worth every cent. If this means that the build passed 600$ (likely) that's okay, but I would like to keep the -absolute- maximum 800$ and every dollar below 800$ would make me happier =). At this point getting the most out of my money also has to do with the available deals on, meaning I may have to settle with a slightly worse performing or slightly more expensive component because the deal is so fantastic on newegg that it makes it absolutely worth it. Also I originally was requesting a gaming pc because I would like the computer to game well, but I'm not seriously going to only ever turn the pc on just to game (do people actually do this lol?), I'm an artist (not a digital one) but I could benefit from such capabilities, and I like to download music/video/images frequently, and of course web browsing, word processing (student), ect. This I believe is important regarding cpu choice, mobo choice, ect... from what I've read.

So here's some specs:

Dad's Build (Usage Gaming, web browsing, email- Primary Focus Gaming)
Budget: <400$ (can flex to 450$ if necessary. the cheaper the better)
Specific Components I'd like to Include:
Rana 445-450
Sapphire ATI 5850 Juniper xt
7200rpm HD
4gb DDR3
A Case that isn't gonna fry everything if I wanna oc some stuff

My Build (Usage Gaming, browsing/email, word, photoshop, downloading/uploading- Focus Gaming)
Budget: Flexable (<800$ but would honestly like to keep it around 700 or less or even 600. But I want the best value. That is most important because I don't a lot of dollars and I value my precious dollar
From what I've been reading this is what I gather....
CPU- 955 or 965 (965 better than 955 for OCing I heard?) vs. i5 750/760 (intel processors better for multitasking and slightly better performance than amd 900series. worth it?)
GPU- 5850 (better price/performance that 460s I heard) or 5870 (better than 470 price/performance i heard. Also will potentially last longer easily handle future games compared to the 5850 worth it?)
7200rpm HD (heard samung f3's and wd were the best. 1tb would be nice but atleast 500gb seems necessary for downloading stuff and storing gamings?)
Memory- originally I was trying to find some nice 2x2gb ddr3 1600 that comboed..there isn't much that combo sadly. and I see a lot of builds with better quality ddr3 1333 vs the 1600, is the 1600 just not worth the money? Also I would like to oc the memory to get the most out of it so I heard low stock voltage like 1.5 vs 1.65 is key?)
Case- Doesn't have to look the coolest. but since I'm spending this money it'd be nice. But aesthetics is the last place I want the money to go. I'm looking for best price/performance. I would however like to make sure the case has room for upgrade potential, has all the right ports and stuff, and is cool enough to oc and capitalize on my other components.
DVD burner- 24x (lightscribe cuz it's a minimal fee why not)
Mobo- (heard for amd 890gx-fx was good with the usb 3.0's, intel p55 was good) I'm not stuck on brand names. I heard quite a number of good reviews for asrock 890gx fx boards. They even have a front usb 890gx/fx board with good reviews for 130 with rebate which is much cheaper than the competitors and offers some extra features. However it doesn't combo just has a MIR. And I'd need a case with front ports, and I'd have to stick with amd which I'm not sure about yet)
Psu- (whatever isnt gonna die and has enough power to run my stuff now and later. Isn't crazy loud. the Ocz 600-700w psus have some pretty solid deals on newegg right now).

Have I set the best limitations on the components? I'm I thinking to luxurious or too cheap regarding best value? If the components are the right choice than all I'll have to do is configure the deals on newegg in a way to get the cheapest possible price.)

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October 16, 2010 6:33:22 PM

For the $400 config

October 16, 2010 6:46:11 PM

$600-800 config


8/8 CFable + USB/SATA 3.0