Dual channel MB and channel ram

Ok I ordered
and a triple channel G.SKILL 6gigs of ram, my question is why does my MB have 4 ram slotts if its only dual channel?

And what should I do if the 6gigs doesnt work out
should I get 1x4 gigs or 2x2 gigs ram?
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  1. The triple channel kits are for I7 on LGA1366. For a AMD system getting a 2 x 2GB would be best leaves two slots open for additional Ram upgrade. You have two slots per channel.
  2. Hey guys can somebody link me a good 2x2gigs ddr3 ram to buy for my amd phenomII x6
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    G.Skill makes pretty good stuff for competitive prices:

    I would also look at Patriot's Sector 5 and Kingston's HyperX. You'll want lower timings and lower Cas Latency (more important than speed).
  4. kk thx
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