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could it be posible for me to just put everything on an SSD? because i don't want to have to deal with an HDD's slowness. i'm not going to be storing alot, just a couple games my OS and any other tiny thing here and there. im not looking to put a bunch of music or tons of photos, i am interested in a little bit of video editing for my youtube channel but other than all that i don't think i need an SSD and an HDD right? just an SSD will do?
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  1. Sure. You just need to estimate the most you expect to store on the drive at any one time and pick a drive a bit larger than that. Larger SSD are still more expensive than similarly spacious HDDs but have come down in price quite a bit. There are reasonably priced SSDs up to 256 GB while 512 GB and even TB SSDs are still a bit too pricey to be mainstream.
  2. yea that's what i was looking at and then i noticed that for some reason the 500GB SSDs were cheaper than the 320GBs?
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