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Will this card fit in my board?

i have a mid tower atx motherboard has pcie x16 slot
i have this motherboard and it's an atx formfactor.......:
i want to buy this card..:
will this card fit in my board and case??
also i'm considering some other cards i want to know the things on the basis of which i can know that a specific card will fit in my board????????
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  1. As long as your motherboard has pcie slot then you can add any pcie card.
    the main concern here is your case, i see you have mid atx tower, so i'm pretty sure it would fit on your case just fine.. :)
  2. are you saying that i'm fine for any card as far as my motherboard is concerned?
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    Most of cards would fit into mid atx case... :)

    Well, if you want to be sure then measure your case dimension and that sapphire card dimension...
  4. The hd5670 will perfectly fit on your case and your motherboard supports too!whats your maximum budget for the graphics card?
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