Certrain Online Games Causing PC Freeze

Over the last 6 months I have encountered serious issues with Call of Duty World at War. For a brief period I was stuck with the game causing the entire PC to freeze (all inputs, sound... everything!). A hard reset was required each and everytime.

I formatted, checked temperatures, scanned crash logs, wiped, updated and rolled back drivers. Basically, I tried anything and everything that might provide a fix and somehow down the line, it worked.

At the time my rig was as follows:

GeForce 9800 GX2
4gb 800mhz Kingston Hyper-X (1066Mhz DDR2, 2gb Modules)
Q6700 2.66Ghz
Samsung 750gb
Cooler Master Silent Pro 600w
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Unfortunately, the GX2 and the stock CPU fan bit the dust. So I decided to update my rig a little bit to include the following:

ASUS 5850
ASUS P5q Pro Turbo
Antec 900

And again the problem bites back, not only in W@W but also in the new MOH. Each time this has happened, it hasn't stopped me from playing any SinglePlayer games. Period. As for Multiplayer games, BFBC2, MW2 and MOH Closed BETA/Open ran fine.

This time round, I thought it may be the HDD causing the issues. I even went as far as to installing W@W on my External HDD, to no avail... same problems.

Everything apart from these two games seem to run perfectly fine. My temperatures hardly peak at all and it doesn't matter if I run the games on High Graphics or Low, nothing changes.

I am looking to build a new rig in the future, but that'll be next year with Christmas coming up fast. I co-run a clan which is relying on MOH/COD to freshen things up, so you can imagine I want to get back into the fold ASAP!

If anyone could provide any information or even a remote insight, that'd be brilliant!
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  1. **SOLVED**

    Turns out Windows 7 Ultimate x64 was the culprit. I formatted and installed an old copy of VISTA Home Premium x86 and it works like a charm. Strange that I somehow had it working the last time round on W7... hmmm.

    Cheers for the... views, I guess?
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