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Hello ... I am not a person who does much gaming ... actually very little. So my requirements for a graphic card with very high performance, etc. are limited. My primary requirements are to have a graphics card with ... in order of importance

Ability to fine tune color details for photography editing and printing
Ability to drive high resoultions (e.g., my 27" monitor with 2560 x 1440 resolution)
Excellent dual monitor support
And ... lastly, have good performance for video playing and the occasional game

First ... my PC details. I have just acquired a new HP PC with an Intel i7-970 chip. I have 10MB of RAMM and am running Win 7 Pro-64. The PC has an ATI HD-4850 installed. The PC only has a 450watt power supply. So that might be limitation that I would have to overcome if I am to put in additional hardware. I have two monitors, a Dell 2405FPW running at 1920 x 1200 (this is about 3 years old) and a brand new Dell U2711 monitor running at 2560 x 1440. I have two DVDs, one is a Blue Ray ... and by the way, watching BlueRay movie on the Dell 27" monitor is spectacular.

On my prior PC, I had two monitors, but not the 27" one. I had an older NVIDIA Quadro4 980 XGL.

My experience with the NVIDIA was positive. I particular liked the control software that NVIDIA had ... "nView". I found the extensive customization that I could do excellent. Different backgrounds on each display, ability to customize applications and response windows, etc. Overall, it seemed like a nice card although the refresh performance was not as good as newer cards ... but overall, I was happy with the NVIDIDA card.

With my new PC and the ATI HD4850, I find the card to have very good resolution and for my needs, an excellent overall card. My only real disappointment is in the ability to control the dual displays ... I have installed ATI's Catalyst Control Center with HydraVision, but this program does not provide the extensive customization of the dual display controls that I came to enjoy with NVIDIA's nView software.

So ... here are my questions ...

Is there other control software from ATI that I could get which would provide the level of customization of the dual displays that I enjoyed with NVIDIA nView

I assume for my usage, the ATI HD4850 is fine ... with respect to it primary characteristics. But, what do you all think about moving to a different graphics card? Should I move to the NVDIDIA product line just to get the nView software? Are other cards (regardless of manufacturer) better suited for my needs.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with experience and knowledge of graphics cards ... my own knowledge being lower level


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