FirePro v4800 and 42" touch screen

Hello, I have a DELL T1500 with A Fire Pro V4880 video card and a Tyco Electronics 42" touchmonitor.

The touch screen software requires 1920 X 1080 resolution to function correctly.

After playing around with several different monitors as well as the touch screen, I have got the resolution set correctly, plugged into the 1st digital port.
If the computer reboots, the screen stays black until I unplug from digital port 1 and plug into digital port 2. Then it comes on with the wrong resolution, and the highest choice is 1600 X 900. If I unplug from digital port 2 and plug back into digital 1, the monitor comes on with the correct resolution.

Does anyone have any ideas on this? I think its the video card having issues with the conversion from the digital port to a vga connection.

I call them digital ports, because I'm not sure if they are displayports or what.



I have read that there are 2 types of displayport to dvi adapters, single and dual-link, and that the dual-link may be required for higher resolutions. Would this hold true for the vga adapter as well??
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