Good ram for AMD phenom II x6

Alright I got msi FXA-GD70 with AMD phenom II x6 2.8ghz
I want to know what ram is recommended for this setup, thx
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  1. Not enough information
    where are you buying from , what version of windows do you have , what applications/games do you run ?
  2. IF that matters than i got W7, and planning to play games nothing specific
  3. What we really need to know is what motherboard do you have ?
  4. like I said in first post i got
    msi FXA-GD70
  5. thx ill pick something
  6. swifty_morgan said:
    actually I meant to quote the other guy.....

    and if he has a 32 bit version of Win 7 ?
    or uses CS5 ,or other 64 bit applications ?
    or lots of VM's?

    these are critical questions in deciding what and how much RAM
  7. I am going for a 64bit system this time, getting 4 gigs and 4 gigs later if needed
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