omg i ran driver sweeper and now my asus g73 is broken the resolution is HUGE and it only goes up to 1152 x 864 instead of 1600x900

and other things have changed how do i fix it all i want it back the way it was.
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  1. Well, when you run driver sweeper it cleans out your drivers.

    You need to download and install your display driver.

    P.S. you might want to tone down your language or you are gonna get banned by the mods.
  2. all my drivers?? one guy said it would only get rid of my old ones

    and is it only my video ones or are they all gone

    if its only the video ones how do i download it from asus

    Global (DLM) Global China P2P

    those are my options

    and its working retardidly slow now did driversweeper do that also??
  3. driver sweeper will wipe out the drivers you select, I believe it does video, audio, and chipset drivers only.

    Anyway... what you need to do is go to the Asus website and download your video driver. You didn't give the full model number of your Asus and I don't know what operating system you are using so I can't directly link it. There are two G73's on their website: G73JH and G73JW. You will find your driver download under "VGA" in the downloads section. Any other drivers you may need will be found on that website too.
  4. Sound like you ran Driver Vacuum rather than Driver Sweep.

  5. Seriously though, if you are stuck, try Driver Fetch.
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