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I'm having a problem with my Realtek HD Audio ALC888 running on a GA EP41 UD3L motherboard.

My computer using Win 7 64 bit doesn't find the analog inputs and outputs on the sound card. For default output I only have "Realtek HD Digital Output" to choose and for inputs i have digital input only.If i try to plug the cable in nothing is happening.In Realtek HD Audio Manager i Am having only the digital inputs & outputs but no analog input & output.Please Help Me out with this problem because i can't use my PC without any sound.
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  1. Disabling your digital output can work if the drivers and onboard audio can only output one or the other- analog or digital. But on that board pretty sure you should be seeing the analog inputs in win 7 as well- unless you have one of the audio hardware features disabled in BIOS. You might double check the BIOS.

    I can't say I've been the happiest with RealTek lately either. The drivers do some funky stuff with the windows mixer.
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