Do i need usb 3/sata 6

Please can anyone tell me if i would be foolish to build a new system without usb 3 and sata6. I am considering a AMD build with sli and can only find one am3 board with support for sli.
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  1. SATA 600 isnt really useful if you have regular mechanical hard drive . They cannot use all the available bandwidth from a SATA 300 connector .

    SSD's might make the difference in the next few years .

    USB3 is useful but not needed if you dont have USB 3 external enclosures
  2. Ok, sorry if seemed a silly question but the reason is i want a AMD set up with 1090t and a gtx 460, with another for sli next year. Prob is only couple of mobos support this and their are only usb 2. I would like my system to last a few years and be fairly upgradable, but not sure if this is good idea with a dating mobo.
  3. Lots of folks would recommend against mixing amd cpus with nvidia sli. Mobos/chipsets often act like Hatfields and McCoys.

    Unless you have really special requirements, few folks here have ever recommended a 6-core over a good 4-core. The reason is almost nothing uses 6 cores, and most folks who have an important app or game are focused on that app or game, not running two or three of them at the same time.

    If you don't currently spend a lot of time moving data in/out your system via USB 2.0, USB 3.0 won't be of much utility to you.

    We are only now beginning to see SSD/mechanical disks sport SATA 3.0. When I look at my own needs, I don't plan to replace the HDs in my system during the life of the build, unless they fail. Your approach may vary.
  4. i would also mention that if you find you need usb 3.0 you can get an add on card. as previous posters mentioned sata 6 doesn't matter unless you are going solid state hard drive.
  5. Thanks so much. I do understand a bit more. I think i will wait till after christmas to see how things develop.
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