Overheating eah 4870 ht

My graphic card keep idle 63 degree C although I change the fan speed in ASUS Smart doctor manually at 100% or through Smart cooling default 80 degree . The noise don't change and the temperature too .The card is absolutelly new in 3 years warranty but according to service that is not problem and they don't do anything .Is that normal - full speed of fan and high temperature when the graphic card is idle ?
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  1. I'm not familiar with ASUS Smart Doctor, have you tried MSI Afterburner? It will acutally show you the fan ramping up after "setting" it to do so.
  2. Is eah 4870 ht MSI product compatible with ?
  3. afterburburner is fully compatible with lots of cards from both ati and nvidia, the brand doesn't mater
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