16:9 monitor won't display 1600x900 in full screen

Hello, I have a Viewsonic VA2213w monitur (16:9 ratio), whose native is 1920x1080. I'm trying to run a game on 1600x900 because that's the highest one I can get in my ratio, but when I do the screen is letterboxed (black bars) on the top and bottom.

I'm using an ATI Radeon 5870 with the latest drivers.

I tried to auto adjust it with no avail, and when I went to manual adjust, the monitor just has "Horizontal size" so I can't touch the vertical axis which is the problematic one.

I downloaded the signed win 7 files (as thats the OS Im using) from the site of the manufacturer but they made no difference.

Appreciate the help. :hello:
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  1. LCD monitors dont like to do resolutions that arent their native resolution, what its likely doing is restricting you to using a 1:1 pixel ratio so you are stuck with a 1600x900 pixel box in the middle. If you set your windows desktop to the same resolution you might be able to use CCC to scale it to your screen but things will be a bit blurry.
  2. Why can't you run in 1920x1080? TV's aren't the best choice for computer monitors, they like to be used in their native resolution only. (Not always, but alot of the time, this is the case).
  3. I cant run it in native because the game doesn't offer that resolution. I tried what hunter315 said but didn't work.
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