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$369 MSI Lightning HD 5870

Hey guys,
I just bought one of these... admittedly on impulse.
I saw it on newegg for much cheaper than I had ever seen it before. Right now it is $369 after mail in rebate and I've never seen this card below $470.
I am just wondering if I made the right choice here with the 6000 series being released soon and labor day right around the corner :-S. I was originally planning to wait a couple months to see if the prices would drop, but when I saw this deal I couldn't hold back!

Also, does this card fit in an antec 300...? What are your general thoughts about my purchase? Any owners of this card care to share some insight :)?
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  1. That's a great card.
    Well, that about the rest of your specs?
    Previous card? Monitor?

    I think it will fit on your Antec 300. Make sure you have enough power on your PSU... :)
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  3. iRaiden said:

    There's plenty of them under $400.

    Still a good deal though. Should fit in the 300.

    Yeh.. looks like they are dropping the prices of all the cards in anticipation of the 6000 series.. msi is a very high quality non-reference card though. I was very surprised to find it under 400.

    also, you can find my system specs in my other thread. here is a brief over view
    - i7 930
    - hx 750w
    - asus p6x58de
    - hd 5870
    - 1980x1050
    - gskill 6gb 1333 ram

    just an update :) the MSI lightnings just went back up in price! glad I bought it when i did ^^ thanks for help guys
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