losing Cable connection after I plug in laptop

Hey there. I've had Shaw Cable internet for quite a while now, and I'm sharing the connection with my roomie downstairs by using a LinkSys BFSR41. The main setup is in my own room, a Motorola SurfBoard SB5100, the LInkSys router, my desktop PC, and my laptop. My roomie has one PC downstairs. The laptop that I use is my secondary computer, thus it isn't always connected to the router as I plug/unplug when necessary.

My problem is this, lately, within the past 2 weeks, I've noticed that whenever I plug in my laptop into the router and I try to use anything that accesses the internet, my internet connection dies (all the lights on the modem disappear, and take forever to reconnect), hence making the internet connection to the entire network non-existent. I tried reformatting the laptop last night and tried connecting to the router to see if this alleviated the problem, but to no avail. I've tried disconencting my own PC, then hooking up the laptop, but the same problem occurs. So I think this may be a router problem, since the internet connection seems to be happy when it's just the two PC's connected.

Here is my setup for the router:

-Basic Setup-
Obtain IP Automatically
Host Name: (blank)
Domain Name: (blank)
MTU: Disable
Local IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Local DHCP Server: Enable
Star IP Address:
Number of Address: 3 (192.168.100~
Client Lease Time: 0
Static DNS 1/2/3 & WINS : (all 0)
DDNS Service: Disable

DMZ Disabled

Any ideas as to why my Internet connection itself is getting cut as soon as my laptop connects to the router and tries to connect to the net?
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  1. Have you tried plugging your laptop into other routers?
    From what you have said that sounds like a jacked router to me. Is it running the latest version of it's flash rom? If not download/install the latest version. If it still does it after that I'd see about getting a new router or at least trying a different one.

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  2. try a differnt port and a different cable. Use the port and cable that the desktop computer is plugged into. Like said before may just be a bad port.
  3. are you sure you have the cable modem plugged into the wan port?

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