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Hey all,

Just upgraded my firmware on netgear dg8343g version 2 and the Internet light keeps flashing yellow for about 10 seconds, stops then tries again..

all the settings are still there, it says Negotiation: lcp is allowed to come up then keeps refreshing every few seconds

any idea how to fix it

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  1. After upgrading firmware press the reset. For more details go:

    and look for any post by Moderator jmizoguchi, follow his links to tips on resetting.
  2. tried reset doesnt work, will have a look at these tips, thanks.
  3. i think it's bricked, stupid light keeps flashing
  4. Have a go with the Recovery Utility -- designed to unscrew messed up firmware.

    However, if you updated your firmware via wireless -- it's bricked.
  5. didnt do it via wireless

    tried with the tool doesnt work
  6. The recovery utility only works with some ethernet adapters. It visibly jams up if not happy and you have to try with a different computer.

    Post a fairly detailed query on Netgear's forum.

    May be worth also posting on Sky supply a couple of Netgear DG834 derived customised routers and the more skilled users there know them inside out -- may have a solution.
  7. it picks it up but i cant type in the boxes and it freezes

    ok will try, might just buy a new one
  8. "it picks it up but i cant type in the boxes and it freezes" sounds like the classic Recovery Utility problem.

    See if you can borrow another computer or Ethernet adapter -- it's a pest but it may be worth the effort if it salvages the router.
  9. im using a brand new pc, dont think it will make a difference just the program is faulty
  10. The recovery utility is a rough bit of programming but it does work if you run it on the right network adapter. I tried 3 different computers (one with a Netgear ethernet adapter failed) until a Realtek model worked.

    See the tutorial on about reflashing the Sky Netgear DG834GT router for details.
  11. it probly would work if the program didnt stuff up
  12. spoke to a mod on netgear forums, think its bricked, getting a new one :D
  13. jmizoguchi knows his stuff so you're probably best buying new -- 5 years is a pretty good run for a router.
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