Do I Need A Better Case?

I Currently Run This System:
AMD Phenom II X4 970 3.50Ghz (Runs at 55C Under Load)
ATi Radeon HD5670 512mb (Runs at 50C Under Load)
OCZ StealthXStream 400w PSU
Pegatron M2N68-LA Mobo
4gb DDR3 1066 mhz Ram
320gb HDD
1 Case Fan.
My Case Is That of a COMPAQ CQ5222UK, and there is only one 92mm fan slot to the rear.
Will This Case and Fans Make my CPU+GPU Cooler?
For The Top:
For The Back
For The Side

anyone reccomend me a Fan Controller?
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  1. Your temps look pretty good really.

    That case is ok but your fan choices are a bit noisy.

    My suggestion would this case, it comes with a rear and top 120mm and 140mm fan.

    Then get 2 or three of these, 1 or 2 at the front and one at the side blowing directly onto your card.

    Its gonna cost you a bit more but it'll be very cool and look real nice, even if you got just 1 extra fan for the front it would perform well. Or you could stick with the CM and get some better fans like the Enermax or Scythe Slipstream.
  2. And Will The Antec 300 Be Able to Take an ATi 6850?
  3. I would think so, depends what model and how long.
    I've got 2 Asus GTX460's in mine with a couple of inches gap to the hdd if thats any help.
  4. Flightsimluke said:

    They are the same as the fans that come with it except they are coloured.

    2 led fans in the front does look cool, if you got these you wouldn't need a fan controller either as they come with a 3 speed switch on them, its just a case of making it accessable.

    I've got 2x blue Enermax Everest in mine with a Zalman controller but I can generally leave them on full speed as they are so quiet, the Antecs aren't as quiet but still good fans.

    If I was buying again I would get the Enermax Cluster white LED, your call.

    Got blue, green and tri colour here -
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