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Hello,my old HP Media Center m7257c is pretty much worthless but its all i got. dont have alot of cash to throw around now, but apparently the nvidia 6600gt i put in it is now dead. the mother board is a Asus P5LP-LE. apparently all the graphics cards im looking at are too powerful for the stock power source and isnt compliant with the pci express x 16. any suggestions as to the best graphics card that will work with this peice of crap till i can afford a new computer (which will likely be a longass time). i was able to run starcraft 2 on lowest settings with a fps of 1-4 until recently so anything that would improve that would be awsome. thanks everyone
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  1. If your PC has a PCIe x 16 slot, I would pickup a GTS 430, which doesn't require a PCIe connector from your PSU.
  2. Or you can look at the GT 220, 9500GT or 9400GT cards which are all low power cards to allow you to game at low levels.
  3. the motherboards ram is limited to ddr2 but the GTS 430 is ddr3 will that cause a problem? cause that was one of the ones i was looking at but am unsure if the stock hp media center m7257c power source will support it
  4. Motherboard RAM and GPU RAM are different so you are good to go there. They don't have to be the same DDR :)
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