I dropped my lg 1tb external hard disk now it is not working

I carelessly lifted my laptop and pulled a connected LG 1tb external hard drive off a chair, landing on a solid wooden floor.
The drive has its own power supply, and a USB cable. When both are connected, the blue light comes on, but the drive does not show up in "my computer"
Additionally, there is no noise coming from it at all.
Any ideas please?
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  1. Replace it.
  2. Hard drives are sensitive to G-shock (banging them around). You most likely crashed the drive's heads and it's now useless.
  3. You may be able to RMA the drive which is what I would do or return to retail if still within the return period.
  4. I think that might be your problem. Dropping harddrive kills them
  5. Yeah. Once I dropped a laptop down a flight of stairs by accident... :ouch:
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