Z68 - Asrock Extreme4 Gen3. Crackling audio

Hi all,

Got my new build rolling today

All gone well until i tried to get any audio; it plays but there is a lot of crackling.

After installing the OS I then installed all the drivers that came with the motherboard. Ive also pulled down all windows updates.

Sound from both the case and the motherboard itself are identical with the crackling. Ive tried plugging the HD audio connector from the case to the motherboard, the AC97 and also with no connections from the case audio to the motherboard. All the same results, with the sound coming directly from the motherboard jack being just as bad.

Im sure its a driver issue but struggling to find any good info.

Ive tried the latest realtek drivers from ASRock (2.62) and the latest drivers from Realtek (2.65) but with no luck.

Device manager shows no yellow exclamation marks. Under Sound controllers in device manager I have four entries for NVIDIA high def audio, and one for realtek high def audio.

Im on Windows 7 64 bit.

Any help on this would be a godsend.
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  1. What specifically are you playing the sound through? If you plug whatever that is into another system, does it sound fine? Or can you plug some headphones or something in to confirm it's not just bad speakers or amplifier?
  2. ya i have an asrock z68 pro3-m i have the same problem. I just built this computer as well and it has to do something with the computer its self. As my audio from my home theater system is clear with my cable and phones audio so this may be a common asrock problem i will be looking into this for sure
  3. i just want to add that i found out my problem to be the result of a bad modo seems that when i had put my wireless internet card into my pci slot it messed with the audio i dont know if this is a buss problem or power or what but anytime i plugged something into the pci slot it would make my audio crackle
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