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Hello all, i was wondering if getting a 8gb 1600mhz ram is a lot more beneficial than getting 8gb 1333mhz ram. I'm planning to use the laptop for revit/cad work and was wondering if this will be some noticeable upgrade or will it just be useless. I'm running to ram with an i7 2760qm which will be able to support up to 1600mhz max also.
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  1. What is the difference in price.
  2. $119 US

    but can you tell me if there is an actual difference if i bought the 1600mhz over the 1333mhz?
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    In my testing there is about 1% difference in system performance going from 1333 Mhz. to 1600 Mhz., so no there is almost no difference at all.
  4. Thanks thats the answer i needed
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