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Right now a buddy of mine is asking me if I want to get a 2nd hand XceedIOPS2 Enterprise SSD micro sata 400GB for $215. Did some research and I'm sure a brand new unit is at least $600. It's the 1st time I come across this brand XceedIOPS2 or hopefully it's really a brand or I'm an idiot. Problem is I've never tested any SSD before so I've no idea how it run in real life. All I have so far is on paper review and comments.

My friend posted me this link for the ssd.

Found this while I'm trying to understand more of what I might be getting myself into but I don't really know if it's good or not compared to other SSD.

Will be using the SSD for OS, mostly for gaming, certain frequently used program and maybe media. My system will be on 24/7 for as long as possible, usually off for component swapping or dusting. Not sure if it's relevant but I usually multitask eg. Guild Wars 2 + media player (always on top) playing movies + 2 FB games in the background and maybe a photoshop still running because I hate to do my job. Not sure if this will make the SSD die faster.

Is this deal worth it? Any insights would be great.
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  1. Found this SSD from the same company that made the mentioned SSD above.
    So the company is Smart Storage. The review for that SSD is great so I'm hoping his sibling is comparable. So the SSD I mentioned is enterprise SSD running eMLC. Since it's an enterprise SSD the price should be a lot more higher than I mentioned. I'll double check with my buddy if the deal is for real. Will check for the warranty as well.

    Did a lot of reading and found that enterprise SSDs are meant to be more durable (able to run 24x7x365 with constant heavy load) compared to consumer SSD. I'm assuming that it doesn't matter if I use and enterprise SSD as my main boot drive rather than data storing, I reckon it's the same.
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