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Can you suggest a power supply for 460 GTX SLI setup

I'm starting a new build, I'd like to find the best power supply ( bang for your buck)

I plan on an i7 930 with x58 motherboard, 6GB DDR3, I plan on running 2 GTX 460's in SLi configuration. I wanna make sure I get a quality power supply that will handle all this under load, but is not gonna break the bank. From what I can tell I don't need to buy something that is 850W, seems like I could get away with something that is more around 650W or 700W. Just curious what peoples ideas were for the best deals on the market right now.

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  1. seems like the 650 will get me by right. Its got one 52A rail, that should be more than enough to run all this stuff I imagine. What are your concerns about that one?
  2. The 750 has more power which means that if the power supply's components degrade in output over the years it should still run fine, It should last you a few upgrades also, so if you were to upgrade to 2x 6850's etc you would have enough power.
  3. The 650 is fine for your setup, but I would go with the 750 just becuase it will last you longer and its a little more safe.

    The difference is only 20 dollars, in my opinion it is worth it.
  4. Yeah, Usually IMO I'd never go above 850ish cause I doubt any system I have is ever going to need that much, However there may be a day when I require a 1000~1200w PSU and I'm rich.... Dreams are for free though.

    850w Will take care of 2x 480's in SLi so 99% of people will never have to go higher.
  5. rather more than too little, from personal experience from setting someone else's rig up, nothing less than 700W, but would recommend another 100 - 150 W!

    corsair have great and reliable PSU's:

    what i did was put your specs into this:

    and got a score of 648W

    thats your minimum, so nothing less than 700W preferably 800W

    (P.S. i used the GTX 465 rather than the GTX 460, the power differences aren't large!!)

    Just my thought

  6. I'd recommend this. Semi Modular, 80 Plus Silver, XFX 5 year warranty, and is made by SeaSonic, which is an EXCELLENT maker of PSU's. 15% off and a $20 MIR. Can't beat it.
  7. what about this one?

    what is the difference between 6 pin pci express connector vs. 6+2. when would you need 6+2?
  8. Don't go for the raidmax, they don't make the best PSUs.

    XFX, Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, and Silverstone are probably the best.
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    Yes that power supply is an excellent choice for that price range, It will work fine with 2x SLi'd 460's
  10. I was using a OCZ 700W and it is okay. They probably have the best value. At such a low price you get 80+ certification and modular design. I honestly get the feeling they are trying to hide something but the product is solid.
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