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My netgear router which is 4 years old has has had a few intermittent lapses and I find that my T-mobile wifi telephone connection drops at the worst times. I bought a new Belkin N600 HD and it installed easily enough (main desktop uses ethernet) except on my backup computer which uses will not connect.

So, in the am that computer got a wifi signal with the netgear but nothing in the pm with the Belkin. Belkin Tech support had me go through settings and nothing happened so they told me it was the driver for the Rosewill wifi card (the one that worked with the netgear). I downloaded the latest drivers (wifi card is 1 month old) and still nothing. The Belkin is going back.

Question: Do I need "Gigabit" and dual band? Is it just a marketing scheme? My desktop is an i7 with an Asus P6 MB and integrated NIC Marvell 88E8056 everything is brand new and working perfectly.

What router do I really need for my desktop, for by Blackberry wifi for telephone (I live in a bad cellphone signal area) and for other computers connecting via wifi?

Thank you

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  1. D-link N router, can't go wrong.
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