AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Processor-Recommended Cooling Syste

Hey, I recently got my new CPU, the AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Processor. I'm just wondering...what sort of cooling system would I need for this? Everything's working fine, but I noticed my CPU fan changing noises as the computer remained on for several hours. Could be my i've had problems actually getting the CPU to work before hand, upgrading my current bios..broken pins. And finally I had to get it exhanged for a new one.

I'm using the fan that came with the processor, i've taken the side of the case off just for safety..and laziness because I cba putting it back on. Is there any need for me to worry, or should I invest in a new cooling system? Thanks!
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  1. If your case has airflow and you aren't OC you shouldn't have any problems with the stock cooler.

    The fan will speed up and slow down, thats what cool n quiet does, increases the fan speed as the cpu gets warmer but doesn't run full speed all the time to prevent noise.

    Just make sure you have installed your cooler properly and watch your cpu temps with HWMonitor.
    Ideally you want them around or under 60C when the cpu is under load.
  2. If you want aftermarket cooling then this CM hyper 212+ gets great reviews
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