Largest upgrade?

Hello, my current system is:

AMD Phenom II x4 945 3.0 GHZ
some shitty Gigabyte AM3 board
120gb G. Skill Phoenix Pro SSD
Palit GeForce 460 1gb sonic platinum overclocked edition
8 gigs G. Skill ripjaw series 1600 ddr3 ram
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

My dilemma right now is choosing between an XFX 6950 and flashing to 6970 or upgrading my processor to an i5 2500 (or 2500-k) and getting a P67 board.

Would/should I change my ram as well with the i5/P67 since it supports up to 2200 (I think)?

I know both are bottlenecks just need to figure out which one is more so than the other. I think I'm leaning towards the i5 and P67 since the 460 isn't nearly as old as the phenom II.

Any thoughts/concerns/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Well the phenom II is not exactly old CPU. It would depend a little bit on the monitor resolution but if you are happy with your graphics quality right now and you want to upgrade you will get a speed bump by going to the Sandy Bridge. I do not think it is necessary to swap out the ram.
  2. what problem are you trying to solve?
  3. Well, the way I read it it sounds like you're really wanting to do a complete overhaul but you want to do it a few parts at a time. If that's the case then I would first get the new Sandybridge, (2500K definitely the way to go) and motherboard. After you do that the video card would be next, but I don't think that video card is a bottleneck at this point, but you didn't mention what you do with your computer or how many monitors you are or want to run so I'm not sure.

    The memory you have is plenty sufficient. After reading many reviews i find that processors stall the memory speed at around 1333MHz anyway so getting the 2200MHz memory is a waste of money. Not to mention that is an overclocked speed and as you overclock your cpu the memory's timings are usually loosened (which raises the case latency) which slows the memory down anyway. The sandybridges might have raised that 1333 speed some but I don't think it's close to 2200.

    The only questions or concerns I have is what is your PSU brand and wattage? Might want to upgrade that depending on what you have. And you might want to look into an aftermarket cpu cooler because Intel's stock coolers haven't been up to par lately.
  4. I would also go for the 2500-k + a new mother board like p8p67 evo or pro.



    tbh if were you i would take the pro:because there is not a big difference between does 2.
    as far as i know the pro, just use more Power/energi then the evo.
  5. I use my pc primarily for world of warcraft and the typical internet browsing. I may occasionally play some TF2 or L4D2 but 85% of my gaming is only WoW.

    I run 2 monitors 24/7 one at 1680 x 1050 for the game and the other at 1280 x 768 for browser/vent/pandora/pidgin etc.

    I'm not having any major issues at the moment I just know it could be better. Tax season is right around the corner and that is what I am preparing for, something to waste money on.

    I've heard that AMD and Blizzard games don't mesh very well and that the intel architecture gets along with wow more, can anyone confirm or deny that?

    I was thinking of grabbing the 2500-k and

    My PSU is an OCZ 850W

    I see now that it has some pretty bad reviews, not sure how to test if a PSU is being problematic.
  6. Is it your monitors that prevent you from 1920 X 1080/1200? I thought that card would run 2 monitors at the higher resolution.

    I run 2 sapphire amd/ati video cards (always ati fan), and I don't have any problems with blizzard games like diablo and starcraft.

    As for the PSU - OCCT HERE has a psu tester if you want to give it a go. Be careful though because it might burn it out if it is weak/problematic.
  7. yeah I am playing at max resolution available. my monitor is pretty old, 1680 x 1050 max, no hdmi, its on the list of future upgrades as well.

    thanks for the psu test I'll run it once I get home tonight from work
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