Laptop LCD lost signal

guys, need help, previously i connect my LCD TV along with my laptop, now the laptop screen got no signal at all, luckly the LCD tv still able to display, PLS HELP
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  1. I'm thinking your laptop screen may have died, If it's under warranty you can send it back to its manufacturer (make sure you backup your data first) or If it isn't I'd recommend either A) sending it into a computer repair shop, it's not too hard to replace laptop screens so-long as they have an identical one in stock or B) consider an upgrade.

    If you wouldn't mind can you please supply your current specifications and a price range if you were to upgrade, and a location too.

  2. Mine model is ASUS F9SG series, with Nvidia GeForce 9300 MG, i been using this LCD TV + LCD Monitor sual display for long time ago, yest was fined, but this morning the LCD from laptop is not working no matter how i try, is there a way to solve before i certify the screen died?
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