Comcast cablebox/firewire to PC DVR ?

Looking for software allowing me to use my PC for a DVR using my comcast HD cable box with 2 fire wire connections .

I read somewhere i didn't need to buy a tuner card .Don't need it for premium channels due to encryption but standard channels and local would be great to record.

My graphics card is a HD 4890 with dual DVI ports . I use my 24" 1080p mon. in my room for tv via HDMI connection to cable box also.
XP pro .

Thanks for any help.
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  1. I'd be saying you needed the TV tuner card cause SFAIK graphics cards don't come with audio/video import adapters.
  2. bummer , i was hoping for a new miracle software solution.

    Thanks decode.
  3. comcast says my local distributor has and will give me the software package for free ,lol , had to ask 3 different comcast techs before 1 even new what i was talking about and she had the to ask the supervisor to find the answer.

    Installing it tomorrow hopefully if they actually have it.Will post my results .
  4. My local comcast provider looked at me like i was crazy and called me a liar basicly,not surprising though ,being the worst service Ive ever had .

    I did find this info on the subject ..

    Originally Posted by bdraw
    First let me thank Timecop for discovering this process. He started a
    thread a long time ago that became just too long and confusing so hopefully this will help.

    This method should work for most 1394/Firewire enabled tuners. It has been tested on the Mitsubishi Integrated TV's, SA3250HD, Motorola 620X (with firmware 7.10 or higher), and the Samsung T165. *Please list your tests and I will update* This method will not allow you to capture 5C encrypted content, *see below for details* This method captures the original Transport stream sent by your provider, so if it is sent with DD 5.1 then you will capture DD5.1. This method only works with Digital channels, analogue cable channels will not work.

    This method does not allow you to transfer shows already recorded on your HD DVR only live TV.

    You will need some drivers. Follow the link and Download firestb.msi.
    If the link is bad, PM me and I'll fix it.
    First device drivers. There are more MCE specific items included in the package, if you are using using XP then you only need the driver. You may also want to play with the channel changing software, which works on both XP and MCE. There is now a beta Vista Driver as well.

    For drivers only, there is a driver package that is continually updated to support new STBs, and there are some differences in how the drivers are loaded. If you have issues install the firestb drivers, it can be used with firestb instead of the drivers included with its installer.

    There are a few pieces of software that I know of that can capture using these drivers, Capdvhs, DCTrecord and MCE using the included software.

    Now that you have everything you need.
    Install firestb.msi, if you are using MCE, install the components you want. If you are running XP then at the very least install the "Firewire Drivers" component, you won't be able to double click on it, you will have to use a different command to skip the MCE required screen. Now you can just choose the driver.

    MSIEXEC /i firestb.msi IDENT=0Click continue anyway a the signed driver screen.

    Plug in the 1394 cable.
    Found new hardware wizard will come up.

    Keep hitting cancel until you see "Tuner AV/C Device" or "Tuner AV/C Panel" as the hardware that was found. Install both like any other device.
    Then Choose Install the software automatically (Recommended).
    Click Next
    Keep clicking Next.
    Then click Finished.

    Click cancel on any other devices that are automatically detected.
    I would go back into Device manager and disable the other devices so windows doesn't keep looking for drivers on reboot.

    Now open CAPDVHS and a device should be listed under capture device.

    Under settings I have the following boxes checked.
    Convert 188 bytes
    Check PTS
    Delete to SyncByte

    I use .ts for all my file extensions and I left the file name format to the default.

    Select the "Data Info." tab and hit the "Rec" Button.
    You should see the info populated.
    Hit stop and check your file.
    Elecard works well for playback or Sasem OnAir Editor or VLC
    To play with zoomplayer check this thread.

    **Now you change the channel via 1394 and use with MCE see the readme for complete directions.

    **Attention this is a recording thread. For playback issues please check out the home theater PC forum . **
    For conversion help check out this guide.
    The files captured from this process are the same as from most HD PC recording techniques and playback issues are the same. Please don't post in here asking how to get smooth playback. There are plenty of discussions in the correct area on that topic. Also please don't ask how to convert to DVD, or any other conversion question. There are plenty of thread dedicated to that topic also. This thread is already too long to read, and I appreciate everyone helping out by staying on topic.

    **Added 5/26/04 **
    To watch live HD without capturing first.
    Open VLC v7.2 *might work with other versions.
    Choose "File" > "Open Capture Device"

    To the right of "Video device name" click "Refresh List" Then choose "Panasonic MPEG2TS Tape Sub" from the drop down.
    Click "OK"

    Just a word of advice if I hit "Configure" or "Advanced Options" It blue screens my computer.
    This seems to be much more resource intensive than watching a captured file. My AMD 2600 works at ~83% if I don't resize or any other effect. Any effect drives it to 100%.

    You can also setup a shortcut to run VLC with the parms for picking up the stream automatically.


    "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" "dshow:// :dshow-vdev="Panasonic MPEG2TS Tape Subunit Device" :dshow-adev="" :dshow-size="" :no-dshow-config "

    Start In:

    "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC"
    *Thanks to E Jackson*


    If you can't load the driver, go over the directions again and again, make sure you don't miss any steps. It does require you to force XP to accept the drivers.

    If the driver is loaded but the files are 0bytes after recording. Then you may have the driver loaded improperly or your cable company may have copy protection(5C) enabled. Try a different channel or search the original thread for someone who lives near you to see if they are having the same problem. You may also be able to reboot the Tuner. It is impossible to record content marked copy once, because it is protected from multiple copies. Typically if your provider is encrypting, than the only channels you would be able to record are the channels that are also available over the air.

    **Added 2/6/06**
    Changed drivers to the above. Added channel chaning support.

    **Added 3/18/05**
    If you have XP SP2 and you can't get it to work see this post.

    **Added 2/22/05**
    If you have a Motorola 620x Check this post to see if that channel is 5C protected.

    If you have a SA DVR with Passport

    If you have a SA DVR with SARA

    You may also have the wrong firmware version for the Motorola 620x, to check this.
    To check firmware on Moto 6200:
    Menu- Setup- Cable Box- See Configuration- one of the entries on that page is Firmware. * Thanks drbenson*

    If you are using a Motorola 620X with an older firmware you may need to replace your Meitape.inf from the zip file with this one. Try the original one first.

    **Updated link to** 7/12/07

    This is V.04 of this document please post corrections and suggestions.
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