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Hello,i recently purchased a whole bunch of handware for a new build around the new core i5 2500k and giggabyte GA-P67A-UD3 mobo. With all these new parts i also ordered the xonar DX from newegg for 69.99 after rebate. I read many reviews mostly good, but some said in game sounds were sub par. Im coming from an x-fi extreme gamer and i play BFBC2, Black ops, sometimes BF2 and 2142, Red Orchestra, and will play the second Red Orchestra when it comes out. Any words on this sound card's gaming quality? Just want to put any buyer's remorse to bed.
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  1. Sure understood.

    Check the ratings of the x-fi and compare them to the xonar DX. What are the audio channels, the cycling, resistance. What do others say?

    Personally, I am fine with a good mid range card
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