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  1. different name in my opinion. As long as they keep making good quality cards I don't care. =D

    It is going to be interesting, however.
  2. I voted the last option, it made the most since regardless of the question... :na:

    I kinda wish they would keep the ATI on it, it could get confusing discussing GPUs and CPUs...

    "how bout that AMD"
    "yea the new 8 core cpu rocks"
    "WTF, I'll eat your first born child"
    "I was talkin bout the new AMD 7970 dude"
  3. IMO they should have kept ATI, i guess i have to keep my 5970's box then :D
  4. it doesn't matter as long as the cards are good, though i will probably refer to them as ATI cards for a generation or two
  5. Sux to see a good name go the way of the DODO bird. RIP ATI. But I knew it was eventually coming....AMD bought them 4 yrs ago, bound to happen sometime down the road :(
  6. Their two divisions have been unified for over a year. ATI has been "gone" for awhile.
  7. I don't like it at all. ATi is the oldest surviving name in graphics cards dating back over 20 years. I will still always refer to AMD cards as ATi. My first ever video card was an ATi EGA Wonder back in 1987 so maybe I'm just biased.
  8. I dont like it. Maybe because of nostalgia. It was a household name in PC world. I don't know how come they conducted the survey and turned out that AMD is bigger brand name than ATI? What AMD is in the CPU world, ATI is the same in GPU world. Guys who voted, must be some ostriches who had their head in the ground or people who say the whole cabinet and whatever that is inside as a CPU. :D

    Its a conspiracy i tell you... CONSPIRACY!!!! :fou:
  9. I don't like it...
    I like "ATI" name, oh, i will miss that name... :)
  10. actually.... i would like amd to keep ati brands... because ati brands alone doesn't make people confused with other amd products... its how the people in amd marketing their cpu and gpu at the same time.... i still believe ati and amd brand can co-exists.... i will miss ati if its going to be retired... however... that wouldn't stop me from seeking another radeon gpu as long as they keep doing better than the competition... like the hd 5000 series....
  11. I suppose it's somewhat sad that 'ATi' will very soon disappear. But to be frank, I don't really care as long as they still make good graphics cards.
  12. It sounds weird to me. amd gpu? It's like if google changes youtube name to google video or something
  13. While I don't really like AMD's decision to completely remove (abandon?) the ATI moniker, I understand their reasoning. I don't think they did it because the AMD brand was more recognizable than ATI, though. I think AMD just wants ALL the brand recognition associated with ATI directed entirely to the AMD brand, and rightly so.
  14. While I'm not crazy about the name change, I'll live. However, what will they do about the little "ATI" icon for Catalyst Control Center? Change it to AMD I guess? That will be weird.
  15. It would be nice if they kept the name for the cards.
    Ah well, that's life. I used to be a Voodoo fan years ago.
    I do prefer AMD CPUs anyway.
  16. Maybe they're hoping this will encourage people with AMD processors to buy AMD cards? The average consumer probably has no clue that AMD made their processor and their video card.

    Or maybe they're going to concentrate on making AMD cards work better with AMD processors in the future.
  17. sabot00 said:

    I voted not really - maybe AMD would have been better off to keep the ATI name alive. Whats going to happen to the CCC naming?
  18. agreed
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