6 channel wave DVD-Audio toslink S/PDIF passthrough issue

Hi All,
I am kina brain shamshed after reading a lot and finding out that I get 2.0 channels of output from my receiver for a 6 channel wav file. Here is what I am trying to do:

1. I have the Pink Floyd 6 channel 96KHz/24bit wav (Also converted to WMA lossless)
2. Motherboard: nForce4 with ALC850 Realtek audio chip
3. Software: Windows 7 32bit, windows media player / windows media center 7
3. Optical output going to Sony STR-DA777ES receiver that says it support 96/24 PCM
4. Default audio playback device is set to the S/PDIF in the windows audio control panel.

What can I do to output all 6 channels (5.1) to the receiver?

If you guys think that this configuration is not supported then are these the alternatives:
1. Buy a soundcard that support DTS-Connect thought toslink (My receiver does not have HDMI input, and do not want to buy another receiver right now)
2. Downmix the audio to DTS (what software), although I loose quality due to compression
3. Mix to DTS-HD (but now I would need PowerDVD to play it)


Cheers. -Amitabh
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  1. It has to do with the 16bit DAC's. Get a card with 24bit DAC's.
  2. You should be able to find a cheap soundblaster card on ebay that will play it. Remember, 24bit DAC's should do it, but read the specs to be sure.
  3. Ok! That is a good start. Any one has good recommendations on the sound card?
    Also, would you know if Sony STR-DA777ES receiver will support all 6 channels at 96/24? I do not mind by a good sound card supporting current technologies.
  4. I finally commited to Asus Xonar DS that supports 24 bit 192KHz. I downloaded the driver from Asus site but 6 channel PCM audio only plays through front left and right speakers.
    I also downloaded ASIO4All driver for foobar2000, but no luck. I tink I am doing something wrong.

    Does anyone have any good instructions? I did setup the switches in the windows speaker setup screen for "exclusive control".

    Cheers. -Amitabh
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