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Ok so I've just upgraded my system and one of the things I've upgraded is my graphics card.

I've gone from a 8800GT to a 460GTX.

The noticable difference I've discovered upon trying to insert the new 460 graphics card is that it requires two 6 pin power cables compared to only the one the 8800GT needed.

So me being quite the novice this has me rather stumped because I think I'm missing the extra cable to connect the 460 to my PSU.

My PSU is the 650W Silver Silent Modular PSU with 24Pin, SATA, PCI-e

The graphics card has come with an extra two 6pin plugs however they're short and don't reach the PSU so i obviously need some sort of bridge cable between this and the PSU. The 6 pin plug has two sets of 3 wires trailing off into seperate plastic heads that connect to some other cable.

I need some one to identify and explain to me what cable im missing. I've tried looking on youtube for a relevant video to show me what im missing but i can't seem to find one.

I hope this makes sense. Please ask me to clarify more if you don't follow.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!
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  1. Your PSU came with some cables find them if they're not in your PSU. You need a PSU cable with molex connectors don't try to connect the video card directly to the PSU without the PSU cable.

    Your PSU cables should look like this (with different connectors to the PSU) and you need the molex (first small image - 4-pin peripheral power connector). In those molex connectors you plug the adapters.
  2. The adapter you got with the card accepts 2 x molex 4 pin (same as ide hard drive) cables, you should have gotten those with your PSU!
  3. Ok i'll search around to see if i can find the second cable but if it doesn't turn up I may just end up buying one off Amazon.

    I am still a bit unsure as to how they would connect though. Obviously the 6 pin goes onto the Graphics Card but do i need both the two ports on the other end of the 6 pin plug to slot into a molex connector?
  4. Yes you should connect both 4pin preferably from two different cables.
  5. Ok so what i believe i need is this -

    I have plenty of these - with the two port ends.

    So are you saying i need two of the extension cables to plug into each of the ends from the 6 pin PCI-E plug?
  6. theoretically you need two and from separate lines. In there it says "650W Silver Silent Modular PSU with 24Pin, SATA, PCI-e" so it should have a PCIe connector (look for a 6 pin or 6+2 pin connector.
  7. I've just found this -

    which i think should satisfy both the molex connectors off the back of the PCIe connector.

    The chap who originally built the computer used lots of 3 way splitter cables and there just weren't any molex ports left to satisfy the new graphics card i've bought.
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