Seagate drive wont recognize drives on my computer

I have an older Toshiba running Vista. Have a Seagate 500GB external hard drive. I need to backup both my computer's partitioned drive (C and E) but the Seagate doesn't recognize either one. Seagate shows up as a drive on the Seagate manager, but not my computer's drives. I bought the Seagate a couple of years ago and haven't used it since. Probably operator error... but I still can't figure out where to access my machine's drives. Help, please. Thanks! Jo
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  1. Seagate Manager recognises only Seagate or Maxtor branded hard drives.
    The drive(s) inside your Toshiba are most likely a non-Seagate brand.

    if you want to back up your drives C: and E: to your external drive you will need to use third-party backup software or perform backups manually.

    If you're running Windows 7, it has a built-in backup tool:
    Control Panel > Backup & Restore
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