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Hey everyone, I'm in the process of upgrading my system, but a novice when it comes to matching computer parts. I intend to do it in stages. However, I'm intend to get a new video card first, then buy some new ram (Gskill, Corsair, or Kingston). But I want to wait to see about the new amd bulldozer cpu that will be coming out before I buy a new mobo (asus crosshair or sabertooth). I would like to upgrade to 8GB of ram. I play a lot of games, surf the net and do general computer work.

My present system is as follows:

Cpu: AMD Phenom II X4 965
Mobo: ASUS M4A78T-E
VGA: Sapphire HD 5830
RAM: Kingston 4GB DDR3 1333
P/S: Corsair HX 750
HDD: WD Caviar 750GB sata HD 7200
OPTICAL: Plextor PX-850SA-SW
CASE: Corsair 600T

My main question to the community is wheather I should just wait and just buy the mobo, cpu, and ram at the same time or buy the ram now and match it to my present mobo and use it with my new mobo. I also read that with DDR3 1600 memory you really have to take care when adjusting in the bios when you have a amd cpu. Any suggestions when it comes to upgrading memory and brand would be greatly appreiciated.
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  1. Get the ram now before prices rise. Frys had 4x4 1600 for only $64 after rebate yesterday. I use kingston, gskill ripjaws and corsair dominator. All have worked fine in a variety of boards. My latest is partriot gamers series, only $23 after rebate for 8 gb.
  2. I see no point in upgrading your ram, especially for gaming.

    The problem with buying parts in stages, is you don't know if the new ram votlage requirements will be the same as what you have now, or compatible with Bulldozer.

    For instance you can't use 1.65v ram with Sandy Bridge cpu's.
  3. Well, shoot that down. The reason is that lots of ram runs fine at lower voltage. My old corsair 1.8 runs fine at 1.6v. But I would avoid asus as I see more posts about ram problems with asus than any other board. Get the cheap ram now; you can always sell it for about the same price if it doesn't work with your new board. I believe ram has bottomed out in price. The other day frys had a single 4 gb stick for $5 after rebate. Can't get much cheaper than that.
  4. I would recommend a Gigabyte mobo for performance and reliability. The only two mobos I ever had fail in 20 years of building PCs were Asus and their customer support is non-existent IME.

    As far as RAM is concerned Zambezi uses 1866 Mhz. RAM by default so if you're going to buy RAM that is what you will need. You can run it at 1600 Mhz. in your current system if you decide to buy now while prices are low. It's difficult to predict if the prices will rise in a few weeks when Zambezi is released but they might even with a glut of RAM in the marketplace. If you buy 1.5V 1866 Mhz. RAM you're good for pretty much any platform.
  5. I quit using Gigabyte just cause they are so far behind.

    They don't even use UEFI bios yet, everyone else does.
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