Cpu gets heated in gaming on w7 not in xp

Hello,the cpu gets heated while gaming on windows 7 but it was good with xp
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  1. Your CPU won't change temperature because of a different OS. All XP and win7 does is read a sensor on the CPU itself. The reason for your higher temperatures is something else, try dusting out your PC.
  2. Which game?
    Is it the same game that you were using on winXP, played at the same settings?

    Not all game are as demanding on the CPU, there might just be a higher load, hence a higher temperature

    Also, what kind of CPU is it, and what temperature are you reaching? It might be higher than what you're used to but still be normal.
  3. I Agree With The Man Above, Clean It Out, If Its Not Crashing Then I Wouldnt Worry About It
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