140mm and one 120mm non led fan recommendations

im looking for 3 140mm fans and 1 120mm with no led that provide good cooling and are reasonably quiet..

one 140mm will be an intake fan and the two other 140s will be top exhaust an the one 120 will be rear exhaust
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  1. Scythe.

    I'm sorry if the forum is getting bored of me telling everyone to buy Scythe fans, but in my opinion they are the best all-round fans. They're matt black to they look the part, but they're also some of the best performance to noise ratio fans I've found.

    Here's a link to a couple of their 140mm and 120mm fans:


    My personal fav: http://www.quietpc.com/gb-en-gbp/products/scythefans/sy-kazejyuni-1900

    Scythe don't make many 140 fans, but they do offer a 140mm fan on 120mm holes:

    For "proper" 140mm fans.. you could get some nice gelid ones:

    ..or some Fractal Design ones:
  2. +1 Scythe, I have the 140mm with 120mm fitting and its quality.

    120mm I'd look at Enermax Everest(turn led off) or Magma, Scythe Slipstream and Yate Loon
    140mm Antec Tri-speed, Enermax TB Silence and Yate Loon.

    Just check the airflow against the noise level, really you want to be shifting 50CFM under 20DB.
  3. I have a crap load of Scythe Kaze Jyui's in my computer, and two 140mm scythe fans (with 120mm fittings) on my custom window. Amazing amount of air flow and very little noise.
  4. I switched my old Yates for Enermax and they are pretty awesome.

    The TB's are basically silent but don't shift the air of the Everest/Magma/Cluster

    The TB is available in 140mm also - http://www.enermax.co.uk/?id=338

    The Scythe slipstream 140mm with the 120mm fittings is just brilliant, replaced a couple of 120mm case fans with these and they work really well as intake and extraction and are really quiet.
  5. but this one will fit 140mm holes in a case ?"Scythe don't make many 140 fans, but they do offer a 140mm fan on 120mm holes:
    http://www.quietpc.com/gb-en-gbp/p [...] m-140-1200 "
  6. iamloco724 said:
    but this one will fit 140mm holes in a case ?

    That fan can't be installed on 140mm holes, only 120mm. Check your case.. many that accept 140mm fans will also have mountings for 120mm fans..
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