Wont shut down after installing motherboard driver

Hello, just got crosshair V formula motherboard installed vista 64 bit and I think thats all is needed to know. when i try and install the drivers from the support disc it does so fine until it tries to restart the computer. i left it on for 3 hours and still it didnt go off. tried it twice now any hints?
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  1. I would go to the manufacturers website for the driver as it will be the most recent release.
  2. After you restart the computer manually, are the drivers properly installed?
  3. when i manually restart i run into another issues of getting error code 10 for my optical drive, only way to fix it is to reinstall vista.
  4. i have the almost same boared the IV version i had the issue after doing a new prossecer make sure you update INPORTENT DRIVERS the cd has drivers but old ones
  5. just like to say thank you for all that got involved. after reinstalling vista. then getting the lan drivers from another comp and placing them onto a external. once i got them installed. i gained access to the internet and began downloading the important service packs for vista. don't understand how that allowed the chipset drivers to install but i'm happy

    The issue with optical drive cleared itself up after installing the chipset driver it seemed to work
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