New ATI 5870 Gray Vertical Line Screen Flash.

So yes I recently replaced my ATI 5770's and Purchased a XFX 5870 and have noticed a small problem that does irritate me sometimes. Since I got my new card ive been running warhammer online at max settings + 8MSAA and 16x AA on a 120hz Monitor at a 100fps at 1900x1080. I have 4 gigs of DDR3 Mem and a AMD Phenom II Black Edition (3.4GHz per core) for my system with windows 7 64-bit installed.

Now the problem im experiencing with this card is simply an occasional screen flash of gray vertical lines all across the screen for maybe 1.5s maybe once of twice in my 3-4 hour gaming sessions playing Warhammer. Theres no crash or no BSoD or any real problems, just a quick flash of this screen and just curious as to what it may be? Im not overclocking anything and have the most current drives installed.
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    Try turning on V-sync and see if it helps.
  2. I have read about this being a suggestion but it ruins the point of downsizing my monitor by about 20 inches and paying 400 for it. The whole reason i go overkill on my cards is to get the 60+ frames utilizing the 120hz screen that i paid for. Is there any other way around this?
  3. I would still try it besides no point in more than 60FPS anyways. If they doesnt solve the problem it helps narrow down the problem, maybe it isnt from "screen tearing"
  4. Exactly, this test will rule out (or confirm) whether this is an odd screen tearing issue or something more.
  5. Been kinda mia since my AC went out the other day and just got my second 5870 in, ill let you guys know.Just gonna kinda make me mad if i paid all that money for a smaller monitor for the extra Hz of refresh rate and it goes down to me making it back to 60...............................
  6. Hard to game with 5870's and no AC at least its not a fermi. You do realize that those extra FPS do nothing to enhance gaming..
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